Launch Lab is a communication hub created to highlight the potential of select mining stories for investors while simultaneously helping mining companies with world-class assets raise awareness so that they can raise the capital required to move projects forward.

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Due Your Diligence

Strategic investors know that the most important factor in deciphering between a potentially lucrative mining project and a disastrous mining project lies in the quality of the due diligence. Over the past number of years, Sandstorm has built a technical team composed of world-renowned geologists and mining engineers. Each year, our team sifts through hundreds of mining projects and land packages searching for the opportunities that we believe will stand out. This meticulous process has led Sandstorm to make investments in some of the world’s best mining operations.

Because of this investment track record, we’re often asked which projects Sandstorm is interested in. For many people, Sandstorm's due diligence has played a role in their investment decision-making process.

Meet Our Technical Team

Ready to Launch

Sandstorm created Launch Lab to help shine light on new or previously unknown mining stories that we believe are worth a second look. When we come across an exceptional project where our team has a high level of conviction for its technical merits and is also mispriced in the market, we share that opportunity to the Launch Lab network. When you sign up for Launch Lab, you'll be equipped with our technical team’s experience and due diligence.

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Opportunity Knocks (well, it calls actually…)

When you subscribe to Launch Lab, you’ll receive a call when Sandstorm comes across a potential investment opportunity that we are excited about. This could be twice a year, or once every three years. We will only reach out when the opportunity is right. We are not an investment broker and will not persuade you to buy or hound you with irritating sales calls. Rather, we’ll lay out the facts of the project and let you know how Sandstorm is involved. Simple as that.

If you are interested in hearing about future undervalued mining stories from Sandstorm, complete the form below. Or, contact Jeff Uppal for more information.

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