Our Approach to Sustainability

Sandstorm is committed to furthering the responsible development of mineral projects and the sustainable extraction of metals through its financial investments. While we have no control over a project or the various environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks associated with a mine, we recognize that a good investment is a mine that will function safely, successfully, and with multi-generational support of local communities and governments. That’s why our team conducts a thorough investigation and evaluation of ESG risk factors related to a mineral property and operating partner prior to any material financial investment. Below you will find Sandstorm’s most recent Sustainability Report and a list of corporate governance policies and mandates.

2020 Sustainability Report

Sandstorm’s Sustainability Report outlines the company’s approach to sustainability including our due diligence process, mining partnerships, and employee engagement.

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Sandstorm’s CEO, Nolan Watson is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders (YGL) program. The aim of the YGL program is to help participants to turn their personal successes into achievements of global significance. Participants are selected from thousands of nominees around the world who have strong track records of accomplishment. Watch the following video to hear from Nolan and learn more about the global impact of YGL members.

Corporate Governance

Sandstorm takes seriously the ethical nature of our corporate governance practices and has put in place various measures to ensure the company conducts its affairs at the highest standard. Below you will find links to download Sandstorm’s corporate governance policies, committee mandates, executive position descriptions, and other corporate documents. For more information regarding Sandstorm's corporate governance practices please contact us.