A Different Type of Mining Investment

Mining is a tough business, and investing in gold mines can be risky. But with our unique business model, Sandstorm Gold Royalties mitigates many of the common risks. Rather than operate mines, we find viable projects and create custom financing solutions in return for a life-of-mine royalty on production. That means Sandstorm investors gain access to the diversified production and exploration upside of several gold mine assets, but reduce their exposure to the operational risks associated with a traditional mining investment. Our portfolio consists of a stable base of cash-flowing royalties, and it’s growing. That’s why Sandstorm is a golden opportunity for investors.

How a Gold Royalty Works
Comparing Gold Investments

Go with the Cash Flow

With 24 assets currently producing and more in development, Sandstorm's cash flow is stable and becoming more diversified. This year, total cash flow from operations is expected to be approximately *$50 million, and we expect 87% of our production to come from mines operated by major and mid-tier companies. By 2023 our cash flow is projected to increase to $140 million with 92% of production coming from major and mid-tier companies.

*Sandstorm withdrew its 2020 guidance due to the unknown long-term effects of COVID-19. Several operations have temporary suspensions and/or reduced production resulting in delayed deliveries. Click here to learn more.

Cash Flow from Operations After Tax (US$M)

excludes ~$6M/yr of G&A

Operating Cash Flow After Tax

Exploration Upside

Exploration success can turn average returns into incredible returns. That’s why exploration upside is a major focus of our due diligence process. Our experienced technical team puts in the time necessary to evaluate exploration potential accurately. They search for large prospective land packages that are managed by experienced teams with proven exploration models. The result? In 2016, 2017 and 2018 more ounces of gold were discovered on Sandstorm properties than were mined. In fact, we’re seeing more metres of exploration drilling per dollar invested than any other royalty company in the world. And we don’t expect that trend to change any time soon.

Exploration Upside

An Investment as Good as Gold

When you invest in Sandstorm, you’re investing in a diversified mining portfolio with cash flowing assets all over the world. With just a single investment, you gain access to the exploration upside of hundreds of gold mining operations that have been carefully evaluated and selected by our expert technical team. To learn more, please contact Kim with Investor Relations.

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